Tim Duck

Disstrack gegen Tim Dog (Fuck Compton). Hans Solo und Tim Dog kannten sich seit den 90er Jahren gut.

Waren zusammen auf Tour. Aber irgendwann muss da wohl mal was vorgefallen sein.

Hans Solo hat Tim Dogs Album BX Warrior über sein Label Holy Chaos Recordings und seinen Vertieb Def Dick released

und den Release dann aber kurzfristig wegen einem Betrugsversuch durch Tim Dog, aka Timothy Blair stoppen lassen.

Nicht der einzige Betrugsversuich wie man im Netz nachlesen kann. Das war allerdings schon 2006.

2012, nach diversen anderen Aktionen wurde der Track dann hochgeladen als Klarstellung.

Tim Dog verstarb leider 2013. Das komplette Album gibt's jedoch als Playlist auf soloswelt:




Hans Solo, 2006

Text & Musik


It’s your understanding of true Hip Hop to rip your Partners off

We gonna send you to desert and you will end up in a fluff.

Like a Moskito you tried to suck our Sweat, Money and Blood

You shit like a Dog in my Yard and my Hood, cause you’re Tim Dog

That’s right sucker, you are Tim Dog from the Bronx, Bi Ass Warrior

The Shit instead of a Brain in his at least empty Head Carrier

We were on Tour together back in the 90s, you have been a Hero

Things changed in a second by your last call from Hero to Zero

I gave you a call and asked you for a Part, I never pay 5K for a feature

But you represent nothing more than a dumb bloodsucking creature

Once again, you Moskito, the higher you try to reach, the deeper you fall

And like a Moskito I will smash you with one Hand to the wall

You tried to make business by sucking your Bong

Your intention was wrong, we are not cheech and chong

Don’t talk about big balls, if you got only Peanuts in ya thong

You act less than you talk and your last move was wrong

Who do you think you are, a Rap Superstar?

Now I know better, you ain’t nothing but a burglar

You’re a faker, a successful people hater

A nitty gritty catshit eater and not mind over matter

We gave you a new Carreer that will end up in Jail

And I’m sure there will be some nice guys very stuck to your tail

And I come over to sample that beautifull sound

That you do in the manshower picking up the soap from the ground

We put your Records in Stores and bring you back to the scene

You said thank you in Form of a weak, weak, whack Mean Machine

I listened well to the words of PE and I don’t believe the Hype

No question, you’re a good rapper, but you got a totally wrong vibe

like a Ho or a Bitch the only thing you asked for was ever the money

come on, lick my balls, lick my ass an taste my Muffelers Cream Honey

You made too much bad Jokes about support and our host

You tried to play games, too much times, now you’re lost

Now you know, don’t mess with the best

Come back to Germany and get under arrest

Some lawyers waiting for you, but don’t get stressed

Fullfill your promise or better get a life west

Hey Mr. Tim Fuck, now you know whats up

You only got Records in da Stores that suck

Your brain seems to be infected by a bug

And the only big thing in your life is ya butt

Yes, your right, people better hide and run

Not because Tim causes Danger, but because he’s whack and dumb

This is aggressive Marketing, I do this just for fun

But you started in a slum and you will end up in a slum

Tim Dog is a temporary, Äi-Tiem is a perm

Raised up in Germany, we know how to tread a germ

any germ, any sperm, like KRS said, you must learn

it’s a Railroad full of berms and you better do a U-Turn

If you like, make bad jokes about my english pronouncement

But every word in German out of your mouth is a stupid announcement

Not because foreign language, more because your brain’s exhausted

We send you beack to where you came from, back to ghettos townsend

You don’t act like a fool, you are a fool

And if you continue like this you will end in a sea of burning fuel

You’re a stick up kid of underground like a Morlog

You get wild ? Ya got killed by a P.O.R.Z. Tomahawk

I introduce you to Grobian, he tells you what about madness

And your future of life is a cristal lake of tears and sadness

Tim Dog gets fucked by a bug and big cock

Shoot him up, let him suck, slam his face on a rock

You’re the best? I negate. You sucking neophyte

Afraid dogs don’t bite. You are in agonite

Transfixed by a word, feel my tusk fucking neerd

Pierced by this lyricks and beat like a sword

Don’t talk, don’t move, don’t do anything wrong

Or your ass gets stuffed by a def and dick H-Bomb

Don’t ever call us again and ask: Yo man what’s wrong?

I will push the button and let you shine like the sun

We got aimless records, you are a aimless rapper

Your development backwards, don’t provoke, I said never

You’re a victim of drugs and not from school of hard knocks

Come on, take that blast cause your attitude sucks

You need therapy for brain cancer?

Concrete is the answer

Mr. I diss everybody, Mr. I’m so whack

Mr. I cry like a kid when I get dissed back.